… A true portrait is fuller and richer than simply an image on a flat surface.

– Samuel Adoquei

Finding out what you, my client, wants based on the way you see yourself is the starting point for creating portraits that authentically express you as a person.   In my practice, I have learned that it is possible to bring out hidden features and dimensions that even you may not be aware of.  I am able to do this by creating a photographic session that is personable and enjoyable.  Indeed, being a down-to-earth person allows me to help bring down the guards that a client may unintentionally erect when facing a camera lens.  By eliminating anxiety or fears that a client may develop at the thought of a photographic session, the real person can more easily emerge, and I can capture that person to create portraits that are truly reflective of you.

Planning Your Portrait Session

1. Don’t leave what you will wear to the last minute. You may not want to be completely twinning with your portrait partners but you sure don’t want your threads to clash either. 

2. Getting the perfect shot can take some time. So make sure everyone is well rested and fed before your photo shoot. 

3. If you have a look you are really trying to capture. Make sure to let your photographer know.