Professional Service with a Personal Touch

Work does not feel like work when you do what you love.

– Anonymous 

About Cisco Photography

In over 20 years working as a photographer, mostly covering events and family portraits in New York and Virginia, I have learned that what’s important is not what kind of camera one has but how satisfy is the client we serve.  From the start of every event we keep in mind why you select our services, how much you value a flawless coverage, an excellent product, and the opportunity of developing a long-term business relationship. As the owner of Cisco Photography, I pride myself of striving to deliver more than 100% of what I offer you; Professional Service with a Personal Touch. That being said, I associate myself with those who think the same way and pledge to perform to those expectations.

From my assistant to the second shooter and the videographer, the goal is the same! We work as a team with the sole intention of providing the best coverage, with the least obstruction, while maintain our drive to capture the obvious and the extras that will make your event unique. Because the first image is the one that leaves a large impression, we pride ourselves in appearing at every event with a well- groomed look that allow us to blend with all the other guests because we are not there to bring the attention on ourselves but, to record the memories of those who really matter-yours.

More than delivering an album-we look forward to telling your story with images. In our minds a job well done is the one that ends the same way its stated; with a smile and a hand shake.

Our goal is to give 100+ percent of our effort in every job we take.
Our mission is to make sure we offer you, our client, Professional Service with a Personal Touch and a vision to embrace the challenge in helping you capture the little moments if your life events which you can cherish for years to come. 

Some Words from The Owner...

Hello and thank you for your interest in Cisco Photography. I am Francisco Fleming owner and operator of Cisco Photography – my friends and clients call me Cisco. This is where the Cisco in Cisco Photography originated from. 

When I am not behind the camera helping you capture your moments and life milestones, I spend with my best friend Rudy (my dog). We enjoy going for walks and playing and just enjoying life. 

Cisco Pricing

As in any business, when one accepts to cover an event both sides are aware that an exchange of services for compensations will take place; you (the client) expect to receive the best value that your money can buy while I (the photographer) expect to be compensated for what the value of my product and services is worth. When we reach an agreement on the terms of this exchange, we can work together for common goal of satisfying your expectations. 

In a perfect world I would prefer not to discuss price for any service before knowing what you (the client) is looking for. However, our world is not perfect. I am aware that you have many vendors to see and many questions to ask to get the best value while staying within your budget. Also, we all know the only way you can compare price to the value you get is by seeing and feeling, therefore, I will encourage you to give me the opportunity to show what we have to offer.

In the meantime, my starting price for complete coverage A-LA-Carte (up to 8 hours) of an event is $ 999.00

For additional information, please call (703-948-0037} for an appointment.

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