What time is it!? It is time for a celebration.

At Cisco Photography we get ready for every wedding as if our brother or sister was getting married.  And why not? We take it as serious as it can be. Preparation of the gear starting the day before and grooming the day of. As the time approaches, we start the countdown and the plan of action is ready to be implemented.

We allow enough time to get there, scout the area, tell a mini story of the surroundings with pictures. Everything about the location is important because the bride and groom picked it. Weather it is the scenery, architecture, at a house or just a hotel there is a story to include in the coverage. We allow enough time because it should not be done in a hurry and each image should be taken with outmost care to complement the initial flow of the event.


Moving on to the most important people of the day; the Bride and the Groom, we usually take as many pictures as the time allow of the Bride getting ready and doing the final touches. Throughout the process we keep in mind the timeline given to us earlier in the day and make it our priority not to interface with her plan. This is the time to capture the start of a dream come true in its natural state.

We also capture images of the groom getting ready and friends and family. The wedding day is an occasion for the bride to shine but we make sure to acknowledge the groom just as much because it takes two. The story must transcend the tradition that it is her day because it is about a couple in love not about just a lady getting married.


With all the respect to the house of worship, we capture enough images to tell the story in an unobtrusive and candid style. The solemnity of the ritual and concentration in the procedure shows why is so important to be in the house of God during the unity of two souls in love.

For many years we have been covering wedding of couples that practice different faiths, nevertheless, all ritual gets the same respect and our full attention. Whether the ceremony is in a Church, Synagogue, Mosque or outdoors, at Cisco Photography, is based on the believe that God is looking down at the Bride and Groom. Therefore, it deserves the same respect as the one taking place is a house of worship.


What time is it? It is party time. A celebration that starts with the first email, text or phone call, and in most cases develops into a long-term business relationship.

Time to let loose and enjoy the company of guests, good food and dancing. We make sure all of that is incorporate in the story. The coverage of the wedding hall will show joy, splendid images of the environment, action and most important of all, the love for the Bride and Groom.




Cisco Photography:  always offering “Professional Service with a Personal Touch”

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